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Episode 420: "Robert From Deeproot"

Episode 420: "Robert From Deeproot"

Robert Mueller joins the show to talk Raza and Deeproot.

Recent comments

  • peter 64
    peter 64 

    lol The man has not put out a single game and he is trash talking seems to be a clown with a lot to prove.

  • Karakenio

    Episode 4:20 ;)

  • Steve Versteegen
    Steve Versteegen 

    He's very good at avoiding to actually answer questions, good politician

  • J Sebastian
    J Sebastian 

    Flow is a must and not a thing for newbies...nothing is worse than hitting the ball and watching it flaying around and coming back down. Pinball shots are based on satisfaction. Watching it go up a ramp, around an orbit or into a scoop.


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