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Episode 431: "R&M Reveal Thoughts"

Episode 431: "R&M Reveal Thoughts"

Does it live up to the hype?

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  • J Sebastian
    J Sebastian 

    Well, I didn't think all 750 would sell, especially after I saw the pf design, the hype was turned to 11 on this one and it worked. I do think that about 300 were sold and the rest let's say were spoken for by distributors. It's like an echo chamber, the hype that gets created by a few is multiplied by 10 on Pinside. I don't think this layout is that great but we'll see.

  • Adi

    That was retarded. Selling something without reveal how game play and sound:( and they are all gone, sold out:( Good marketing

  • Pinballer 31520
    Pinballer 31520 

    wrong about the sell out ! wow what a morning

  • omgwtfbbqsaucepizza

    I was pretty disappointed with the playfield artwork. Especially considering how great the cabinet art is


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