• lake adagio

    Love avante garde shit like this. Brilliant rhythm. Did i he…

  • Among the Wreck

    This is crazy

  • Ben Butler / Mole Lounge

    insanity. in a good way!

  • FrosT


    · 1y

    Not much into Metal, but this seems like a real deal man!!! …

  • Lord Lazarus

    Wow, what a mindblowing song, really enjoyed it

  • Ladat


    Verified badge· 1y

    Pretty cool work. Great performance.

  • INB4


    · 1y

    cool sounds here, keep it up

  • DarKYYComet

    Cool guitar, like a lot the drums, nice!

  • Tyler Kobendrix

    Thanks for the support man this is so good keep it up man!

  • Lotus Boy

    Epic guitars man. The cover art threw me off lol