• Disciple Dave

    I heard that. You making your own beats fam.

  • Bernie J

    Diggin the sound collab?

  • InverlidzMusic

    Pimpin Pimpin

  • Djlyf-Tronx

    I feel yah!!! Im back in Venice fam! Reach out to me asap. D…

  • Paris  P

    Paris P

    · 9y

    KOOL song, come check out my beats!

  • Himaj Jamih

    Tight flow!!! Check out my new single thats blow'n up fast c…

  • Chefboyab

    dope shit bra, be on the look out for my new shit and im gon…

  • Trap Beats - Hiphop - Rap - Instrumentals

    your tracks are stunning bro. keep doing your thang. one lov…



    · 9y

    good work on chorus - my head is bouncing like it's off the …

  • Dorman


    · 9y

    Digging it!