Whatchu Want From Me (feat. Lil Grande)

Whatchu Want From Me (feat. Lil Grande)

Alongside the one and only HulliOnTheBeat, Larry Coleman 2020 teams up with Kansas Rapper Lil' Grande on "We The People" track 11. What they want from us? Attention and time that we simply don't have.


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  • 4L JAH
    4L JAH 

    Oh yes my g this tht mf vibr rite here no aye

  • slickdarko $LIT
    slickdarko $LIT 

    The music keeps on getting better Whós the Kansan?? Hmu SWKS…

  • Oz KayLoz
    Oz KayLoz 

    Ey this is flawless asf fr.

  • S. Francis Hector
    S. Francis Hector 

    awesome track what chu want from me super beat


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