in my blood +i9bonsai (chapter x sereN1ty)

in my blood +i9bonsai (chapter x sereN1ty)


@i9bonsai @prodchapter @o9seren1ty


yung leo:
Won’t stop waiting on your love
And I tryna make my heart stop, calling up the plug
And wanna enjoy this, ima live it up
I can’t never stop, quit nor give up, cuz t…

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  • jb


    · 17h

    Typical bonsai w

  • fhost mountain

    listening to old shit hyped for the new albumm

  • Baku Grxy

    Baku Grxy

    · 3mo

    This so beautiful.. wow 🥲

  • RenatoTh99

    bonsai killed it


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