• Zickla's Official

    What a great music is a great vibe

  • Culture Beats

    Absolutely killed beat bro. Everything in 10/10

  • FTB yungin

    FTB yungin

    · 10mo

    This go in bro keep it up

  • CasperSTMD


    · 10mo

    I like this instrumental fr bro

  • Ryu


    · 10mo

    This track is dark.. that I like it

  • Dee franchisee

    Wow nice job here this is really nice work man

  • Vichy An

    Vichy An

    · 10mo

    Great mastering and good masterpiece I love this.

  • earth


    · 11mo

    Bummer proof is a good song nice work

  • yxngingetdabandz_

    Keep it up fr bro this one go heavy adh