Down Like That #frawstakwaforyou...

Down Like That #frawstakwaforyou...

Lou Osiavo

down like that…

down like that
now that we have arrived
make it louder yeah
the sound can’t be denied

stick around in fact
see it’s about that time
we get down like that
down like that for life


if you wanna kno…

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  • Thalia Isen
    Thalia Isen 

    I just realized that this track really works. It took a minu…

  • YVANNA-9

    C' est cool un excellent morceau bien sLammés Bravo LOU

  • N.o.b.S.

    Always big joy to listen to your thoughtful and artful rhymi…

  • John Fil
    John Fil 

    Love it!!!


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