• babyreegz


    · 7mo

    Ts hard bro keep up the good work

  • Xxunfaithlyxx

    Great stuff man love that beat good job

  • Lord Gustavo Florus

    Keep trying everyday dont stop

  • Caleb Martin

    lyrics are crazy tough, keep it up bro, i suggest you add a …

  • Hami-G


    · 7mo

    This beat is beautiful . i'm just trying tongiht too. skippi…

  • Gök


    · 7mo

    Loved the atmosphere and repetitives, good work.

  • Count Rollie

    The song is tuff and the beat is hard

  • Catch A

    Catch A

    · 7mo

    really dig the ambiance on this tune

  • Dj Juanky Dj, Kiya, Imperio Inca, Kosmobass

    es algo diferente me gusta sigue asi