Maido - Beautiful Liar

Maido - Beautiful Liar


Save the stories for someone, wanna guess about you
‘Cos all you say is just a lie
Wish I didn't fall so easy
‘Cos you're beautiful it's so hard to resist
What have I missed?
‘Cos I'm so fed up of this situation
I'm sick…

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  • de$ire

    your voice is so amazing omg, loving this track so far

  • bosey444

    Sheeesh This is so good ngl keep it up🥵🥵

  • Avaitor

    Amazing chords great work loved it man

  • Slump Kxd (@Slump_Kxd)
    Slump Kxd (@Slump_Kxd) 

    this song is so relatable,i hope you get more attention to t…


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