I’m Pregnant (Prod. Mayhem)

I’m Pregnant (Prod. Mayhem)

mary darko

Please forgive me, I am pregnant,

I am drinking, I can manage, oooh,

you just hate me, I have panics,

I keep drinking, baby damaged, oooh,

Take this demon out my body,

I am evil I should hang me, oooh


I ke…

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  • Pope Samuels
    Pope Samuels 

    love the song and love the title haha

  • 8 Souls
    8 Souls 

    Dark, foggy, blurred sounds, excellent

  • altIIneo

    Sounds so other worldly & ethereal all @ the same time. Well…

  • Yung Kay Tjay
    Yung Kay Tjay 



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