Lift Off

Lift Off

I am I

Hello musical explorer..
Glad you came by again.
I am very excited to invite you into my new deep house set.
This ride is worth your time, I assure you so:

"Buckle your seat belt Dorothy, 'cause Kansas is going bye-by…

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  • Metanoia Radioshow
    Metanoia Radioshow 

    yeaaaah my friends :) thanks for sharing

  • Molly Ellison
    Molly Ellison 

    Your intro was the perfect set up for the rest of the piece!

  • Karly K
    Karly K 

    Intergalactic soundscape..bravo I am it!!

  • Leon Dylan
    Leon Dylan 

    nice one as always , fave track is at 33 mins for me , very …


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