I Have a Doll

I Have a Doll

Mike Krath

I Have a Doll
Music and Lyrics by Mike Krath

I have a doll,
And I call her Boo.
And when I pick her up,
It says booga,
And I say boo.
I also have a pet snake that’s named Elizabeth,
And a bite from her assures a most …

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  • Daniels & Durgy
    Daniels & Durgy 

    Love the sultry, shimmering guitar that grounds this gently …

  • 50ne50

    I spot Reason drums! haha love it!

  • Jan madsen Ukulele
    Jan madsen Ukulele 

    excellent track ❤️

  • Terry Wigmore
    Terry Wigmore 

    ha-ha...Mike..I would have anxiety too! Very interesting imp…


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