javOnte' Familiar Face  (Mozaic Refix)

javOnte' Familiar Face (Mozaic Refix)


Huge shout out to the home soundcloud.com/jav0nte for this one, had a blast making this joint. Check out the original soundcloud.com/jav0nte/familiarface

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  • Ru Macloza
    Ru Macloza 

    so cold!

  • Dojo/Nicco Beats
    Dojo/Nicco Beats 

    This is wild

  • shaleo97

    This is heavenly! That swing is so cold!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ruth Spencer 1
    Ruth Spencer 1 

    Y’all know this dude ad lib’d this whole song damn near😍😍.…


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