Nikolajev - Remorse (Muscut 24C, Cass, 2022)

Nikolajev - Remorse (Muscut 24C, Cass, 2022)


Taken from Nikolajev's "Transplant Rejection" LP

Artist: Nikolajev @nkljv
Title: Transplant Rejection
Format: C35 cassette, DL
Catalog: Muscut 24C
Release date: October 14, 2022
File under: Electronica, Ambient


Recent comments

  • Felix the Fox/Malwhare

    Did anyone else try to read the words in the background or j…

  • Ali Rodriguez

    Wow tbis beautiful like damnn

  • Drae Denman

    This makes me feel weird. I dont know how to describe it. It…


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