No Exit Here

No Exit Here


From the neighborhood where most families don’t ever make it out
Struggling to survive they praying to a savior in the clouds
money on the table not enough to make it go around
Hard to find a job so they taking pri…

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  • Trapper ZA
    Trapper ZA 

    The cover art says it all for me

  • Aimée Britannia
    Aimée Britannia 

    stunning piano & production, just wow 🥺🥺

  • ✨Lil' Buoy ⚓
    ✨Lil' Buoy ⚓ 

    Damn bro this is really REALLY good , you snapped too man ba…

  • Stoner Y.I.C
    Stoner Y.I.C 

    damn you hit hard dawg... I would like to collab with Ya som…


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