• Donna Dior

    Lovely Track !!!

  • Cookie Jay

    Delightful track

  • Mr Cagey

    Mr Cagey

    · 6mo

    Such a great story, excellent lyrics and super vocals. That …

  • Red&Blue

    Nice songwriting and vocal! Nostalgic!

  • Teeniest


    · 7mo

    A delightful waltz - love that flute!

  • Nadine de Macedo

    Wow. I'm not a folk listener, but your song makes me happy a…

  • Doug Roossien

    WHAT an incredible story intimate and full of hope ...…

  • Brian Peters

    Sweet song, Nat..lovely sound!!!

  • Lilli A.

    Lilli A.

    · 7mo

    wonderful folk sound -womderful voive and lyrics 🤗🤗🥰🥰💐�…

  • Steve Low

    Steve Low

    · 8mo

    Great lyric story and perfectly produced!