Seven Seas (prod. sisar)

Seven Seas (prod. sisar)

Nature's Experiment

Swimming in an endless sea
I'm ashamed but I'm free
Being tamed is for the meek
She gets tamed with the d
I'm not sane I don't catch z's
I just do it when I please
Put me in a chamber let me freeze
Take me to the…

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  • Everything Green
    Everything Green 

    Different vibes ❤️ Keep up the good work, let’s connect 🤝

  • RIKO👑🌎

    Good job I fw this song too

  • amin m
    amin m 

    موزيك عالى خسته نباشى فوقو الغاده بود

  • pilot music entertainment
    pilot music entertainment 

    this is why I joined ya followers cause u tuff


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