• Elements of Synergy

    River Slides !!!

  • cosmic keanu

    Excellent!!! Awesome riffs and vocals!

  • markjbennett

    This is a great collaboration guys!

  • Lammbone

    The band sounds great.... enjoyed.

  • The Welton Shipwreck

    nice blues rock sound with some psychedelic elements too, gr…

  • The Bawl Slant

    Some insane guitar tones and melodies my friend! Cool!

  • RhuneStar 3

    Excellent 😎

  • Synthgrinder

    Magical Swamp Rock. Ken always is way out there...really lik…

  • Kingsdenstudios


    Verified badge· 2y

    Nice jam lads. Excellent guitar as usual, rhythm section tig…

  • mayur saikia

    superbly done....great tones, lovely playing, nice raspy voc…