Noya- Lost Lands 2021 Set

Noya- Lost Lands 2021 Set

Noya (USA)

Track List

1. Noya- 001
2. Noya- Activate
3. Noya- ID
4. Noya- Driver
5. Noya- Get Em
6. Noya- ID
7. Noya- ID
8. Noya Feat. Ian Urbina- Blue
9. Noya- Bananas
10. Noya- ID
11. Noya X IsoR- The Next Step
12. Noya Feat. Ia…

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  • IYI


    · 6mo

    This set was so good, one of my top 3 from the festial

  • boochie


    · 7mo

    I'll see you at LL dad

  • Funyarinpa

    charmae's vocals so good...

  • Big Red One

    Das clean as hail


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