Hurting for Someone

Hurting for Someone

Oldus Fawn

Hurting for Someone (Becoming the Fawn) first single from Oldus Fawn
Written and produced by Oldus Fawn
Performances by Simon Hewitt, Zoe Ping, Jack Mac, Craig Walker, Ali Lacey, Joel Samuel
Mastered by Roughwood Records…

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  • James Pettitt
    James Pettitt 

    such a lush song 🎵 😍

  • Skyler Viar
    Skyler Viar 

    this is the one.

  • Noor Reda
    Noor Reda 

    No matter how your mood was you'll unconsciously slow down t…

  • Mushburcu

    keşke hayatım yoluna girse


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