mischievous twunts

mischievous twunts

one man verity show

'mischievous twunts'

twunt = twat + cunt

FS: synth, bass
Scotty: lyrics, vocals, drums, guitar

Let me tell you why I've got my boxer briefs in a bunch.
I've, once again, been victimized by mischievous twunts.
It went …

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  • The Shire Bairn Project

    Superb. Liked the ‘mic drop’ at the end. 👏👏

  • Llanpsych


    · 4mo

    Great song - there sure are some lowlifes out there 😖

  • 4face Musik

    really tasty!

  • Lammbone


    · 4mo

    Bummer about the sandwiches, but not about this song....


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