• Vincent Noise
    Vincent Noise 

    eso suena muy bien,sigue en esa linea.

  • DeeJae LeEtta
    DeeJae LeEtta 

    Interesting vocals. Good tempo and flow

  • Miss Fitz
    Miss Fitz 

    this is really cool, the dynamic of the sounds is good

  • Mira Sharidy
    Mira Sharidy 

    Thoughtful music, smart sounds, flying drums, good work

  • DJ I.D.
    DJ I.D. 

    cosmic, trippy n hypnotic af dude

  • Methanoia

    Great track, I liked the design of sounds and the vibe

  • Panjai

    Uh what a rich sound love it deep powerfull and with good Fx…

  • Mental Alchemestry
    Mental Alchemestry 

    great atmos stuff. overall mix is fine. great job bro

  • BiG H
    BiG H 

    good beats man keep it up

  • Electronine Factory
    Electronine Factory 

    Great job, sounds good ! Keep up !