Make It Mean (The Wind Is Radio Hot Mix)

Make It Mean (The Wind Is Radio Hot Mix)

Phil McWalter


And the bricks are all wet
The sand is damp and
We smell of work
Our dirty hands
Have built a castle
Hid our dream
But they hang on every word
Yet we are no-one

The sky is full of clouds
The wind is rad…

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  • Daniels & Durgy
    Daniels & Durgy 

    Wow! Such an innovative composition with impassioned lyrics …

  • Robert Gray Music
    Robert Gray Music 

    Wonderful Bowie-influenced (?) vocal on this one. Very taste…


    Wonderful Phil...Such a great sounding melody...Really ejoye…

  • David Skellenger
    David Skellenger 

    Superb lyrical and musical offering Phil!


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