IT'S RAW - Dillon's

IT'S RAW - Dillon's


Episode 8: Jo takes Kefin and Adam on an especially gross and bug-infested journey to an episode that is spicy in the kitchen as well as the courtroom! It's Kitchen Nightmares Season 1 Episode 2: Dillon's!

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  • Alex Fitzpatrick
    Alex Fitzpatrick 

    Balti house in swinton its pretty good

  • Mikey Doo
    Mikey Doo 

    I do hope to get more of this at some point though I underst…

  • TheChrisPhoenix

    The idea of Chef Ramsay as a bare knuckle fighter is amazing

  • EmptyMatchbook

    Like Mexican food and Japanese food in the '80s, Indian food…


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