• D.A.R.E.I.S.

    Lit track!!!!!

  • DVilln13


    Verified badge· 1y

    this a bop bro, nice vibes

  • Jay2Faded

    this was really dope great track loviing vibes

  • Matan Levy

    Wow, you dont fail to amaze me 🤯🤯

  • Bio Bane

    Bio Bane

    Verified badge· 1y

    This is great dude! Solid work on the song & style. 🤘

  • Fresh Peaky Boy

    Sounds like trap and pop punk together

  • SXB3R


    · 1y

    This Is really creative and full of creativity 🔥🤯

  • Dxth_Cvbb666

    nice flows on here bro you got this!!

  • 2Hunnidroundgoon

    This cover art is good bro and the instremntal is good

  • Dream Kidd

    I could dance to this all day, nice track