EX.633 Skream

EX.633 Skream

RA Exchange

"Everyone knows I'm a lively character, I like the party." Oliver 'Skream' Jones is attempting to explain his stamina over a near two decade-long career and true to his unpretentious personality, he makes it sound easy. …

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  • _James_Bangura

    real good interview, feel like im in the room hearing the im…

  • axle


    · 1mo

    Such a shame that these bits were scrapped, personally thoug…

  • Lasko


    · 2mo

    shame he scrapped the 140 projects he was working on. The Ha…

  • Magic '87

    Magic '87

    · 3mo

    Superb! Writing 415 tracks in a year is staggering.


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