Sum Dazes Better (Remix)

Sum Dazes Better (Remix)


lol . . . just fuckin' around. ;)

Here are lyrics:
Jack it in the fuse-sure>I’m<Marty Mcfly/
Inside/this mind/which I’ve/killed time/standstill fly/
A coupla’ matches struck soapbox a’ high bass/
Doc Brown’s up in the h…

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  • twiggy

    this goes stupid keep makin music🔥🔥

  • kb >://
    kb >:// 

    super unique song. its dope. Great work fam

  • Dj Enipê Prod
    Dj Enipê Prod 

    dj que som é esse cara muito maneiro

  • MakeoutMansion

    Relentless this is fire vro


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