• Karin-Maria Brunner
    Karin-Maria Brunner 

    very good!

  • Modern Dolls
    Modern Dolls 

    Beautiful guitar work, blends of electric and acoustic worki…

  • Samuel Yuri
    Samuel Yuri 

    good instrumental with good melodies and solos, keep it up.

  • Monopolarity

    Nice guitars, genuine sound, great work

  • TJ Makara
    TJ Makara 

    this reminds me of the little mandolin instruments I made. T…

  • tempoTronix

    Very uplifting piece of music. Great arrangement, and excell…

  • Jon Richardson
    Jon Richardson 

    Awesome work guys!! Love to hear your music

  • Bootleg_Flyer

    NIce mood and great guitar licks

  • Lydia Light
    Lydia Light 

    Really like the playful guitar tone.. nice build.. really ni…

  • Stewart Harding
    Stewart Harding 

    I love that guitar sound. Well done Robert. 👏👏🙏✌️