Undertale - Alphys Takes Action (Original Remix)

Undertale - Alphys Takes Action (Original Remix)

Robin Blend

A remix of Alphys' theme from Undertale!
Gotta admit, this has been my favorite remix yet. Thanks for all the support, everybody! :}

EDIT: Due to Soundcloud's awfully silly way with handling track downloads, the downloa…

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  • useless human
    useless human 

    i found amongus

  • SBtorms

    i'm surprised there was never a fangame that used the story …

  • Beth Saunders
    Beth Saunders 

    😍so Soo FIReeeee💕

  • shiny gligar
    shiny gligar 

    I said it with neo and ill say it hear i wish this was in th…


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