Mosh Lit (PROD. BAHIMENID & RowLow)

Mosh Lit (PROD. BAHIMENID & RowLow)

song produced by PROD. BAHIMENID & RowLow
written, recorded, mixed and mastered by RowLow

Great scott

Bitch get the fuck in the mosh pit
We gon run this shit
Nurd thugs we lit

This is not a joke we don’t take …

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  • MarvSound

    very different vibe, hard production cool vocals. keep up th…

  • NK Beatz
    NK Beatz 

    Nicee bro you will get high

  • Asmodeus

    I think we might need to collab

  • En Zo
    En Zo 

    nice beat bro, like the vibe


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