San Miguel - Finca Mŏnada Off Grid Set

San Miguel - Finca Mŏnada Off Grid Set

Sʌη Miguel

I'm very happy to share my new mix with you! I recorded it on the new magical Finca Mŏnada, using many unreleased Mŏnada tracks and gems alongside beautiful other works. Special location, special moment, special sound. H…

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  • Jfish


  • Gabor Teveli
    Gabor Teveli 

    Love these Mark Knopfleresque guitars licks over the mercile…

  • Víctor Cabrera Wook
    Víctor Cabrera Wook 

    ohhh muy bien!!! que dramático buenísimo!

  • Rudi

    good Work Amor Bonito


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