Kristen Neff - Self Compassion Meditation

Kristen Neff - Self Compassion Meditation

Shanti Generation

This is a guided meditation by Kristen Neff. It is tailored to cultivate self compassion and is a variation of the classic loving kindness practice. Learn more at

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  • User 662576713
    User 662576713 

    Thank you so much

  • somkait mia
    somkait mia 

    Hello am From Canada. I feel so joyful today because of the …

  • candy wachterman
    candy wachterman 

    Thank you Kristin. Your meditations are so gentle and reassu…

  • Paulette Abufhele
    Paulette Abufhele 

    Namaste 🙏🙅‍♀️💜🕉


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