Falling Leaves | Violin and Piano Duet

Falling Leaves | Violin and Piano Duet

Shirley Ly | Contemporary Classical Music Composer

Wherever we go, falling leaves always return to their roots - a saying that will always resonate with me. No matter what happens, family will always be there to provide unconditional love.

Composer and Pianist: Shirley …

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  • Boulimique de Musique
    Boulimique de Musique 

    Une poignante composition instrumentale interprétée avec une…

  • Auximics

    This is eargasm...i am a pianist and i liked this a lot, vio…

  • Avatar Brock
    Avatar Brock 

    beautiful composition love it sounds amazing

  • DoniBeatz

    beautiful violin shit got me crying n shit


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