Super Mario Chodes (Prod. By RayAyy)

Super Mario Chodes (Prod. By RayAyy)

Shotgun Willy

Run this bitch up
Stupid lil slut gone suck on my nuts
And when i cum i might fill up a cup
But i don’t know i just came for the dub
Came for the what?
Came for the dub
You let me fuck and now i gotta go
Don’t hit my pho…

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  • Cain Valadez

    I RANDOMLY DU-🗣️🗣️📣📣📣

  • Phat Phenus


  • aforty40


    · 2mo

    I think the kid downloaded porn and got a virus

  • caps


    · 4mo

    hahahah porn


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