Good mix and vocal performance and production.

  • LickMyBeats

    Beast on the path to greatness lets gooo !!!

  • Dell Harris

    Dell Harris

    Verified badge· 3mo

    Another banger, you definitely had control of this one! Jigg…

  • Don.Schwan


    Verified badge· 3mo


  • Zacc Lee

    Zacc Lee

    · 3mo

    This is cool, beat sounds dope!

  • Cant Forget Fanco

    really really dope its too much for the boys

  • Dee franchisee

    Ride till down man good own

  • Rick E Berg

    whoa bro😮🔥🥶 great stuff. keep grinding cause this hits he…

  • Justin San Andres

    Truly is the best of the best right here

  • Mazerati Dae

    good banger keep it up