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  • ☆Alexon☆


  • DJ Free Range
    DJ Free Range 

    As always, I admire your unending patience

  • Donna Alger
    Donna Alger 

    Says the cute little likely-blond white girl

  • Colby Jack
    Colby Jack 

    The circular dance of no logic and no rationale. She's a Brainwashed cult follower, Obviously

  • Ginny Olson Cole
    Ginny Olson Cole 

    2 things. 1. Tiffany 2. Blonde?

  • Kirby Bird
    Kirby Bird 

    Please vote in 2020, because you know Tiffany will.

  • Alan Buechler
    Alan Buechler 

    Un F'ing real

  • Tom Devol
    Tom Devol 

    Oh Jeez, please tell me she hasn't reproduced...

  • Juliana Blewett
    Juliana Blewett 

    I cannot take the stupid in this phone call. She clearly has no knowledge of the bible or Christianity in its entirety. She's just repeating the garbage she's been spoon fed from day one.

  • Fatz317

    OMG this is so sad.

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