Worth (Prod.KILLCARTI)

Worth (Prod.KILLCARTI)


Instagram: @realsketchydeath
Snapchat: sketchydeathh

We got weed smoke
Let the doves go
Let my body float
Cut throat, walk around with blades in my pocket with my hoe
Get low when you see me pull up bitch stay ten toes

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  • Chris Velasquez
    Chris Velasquez 

    Fucken guy .. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Spiffy’s Gloom✰
    Spiffy’s Gloom✰ 

    shits so hard

  • whygacy

    this is hard. oh my god

  • Svl

    Now i see my worth and i cant give a fuck what people say 🤯


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