Homicidal Lunacy Cover

Homicidal Lunacy Cover

Snowy / Synth Mints

Original Track(s) by: nIk2656, BenyiC03, JedoTime and XyniiMusic
Track by: Darks: www.youtube.com/c/EpicDarkGamingStuff/videos and Synth Mints/Snowy!
Thumbnail by Epic and Darks

This is a reupload from this soundcloud …

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  • :'(


    · 5mo

    awesome balls

  • Cringe Lord Prime

    It makes me sad that this track was rejected and replaced wi…

  • Mr sex

    Mr sex

    · 8mo

    another one bites the dust motif

  • Scr4tch


    · 8mo

    honestly my headcanon for homicidal lunacy


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