HEY JOE (Storino-Snyder-DeBrizzio) LIVE COVER

HEY JOE (Storino-Snyder-DeBrizzio) LIVE COVER


This is from a little jam session held on Sunday, August 21, 2022.

Ron Snyder (Lead Guitar & 1st Vocal)
Joe Storino (Bass, 2nd Vocal and Commentator)
Joe DeBrizzio (Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocal)

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  • Rob Terstall

    Fun rough cover - good voice too - obvious you guys had lots…

  • Joe Thompson

    Wish i was in the room. Love these types of jams

  • cosmic keanu

    Great cover! Cool to hear it covered live!

  • Dawid Bestry

    love this cover, pure emotions


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