Effortless Archives - Your Resonance [Effortless]

Effortless Archives - Your Resonance [Effortless]

Effortless Art Collective

ARTIST: Effortless Archives
SINGLE TITLE: Your Resonance
RELEASE DATE: 20/05/2022
LABEL: Effortless
COVER ART: Jen Roe @jenniferroe
COVER DESIGN: Effortless Archives

BANDCAMP: effortlessarchives.bandca

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  • Kode Bliss

    Nice eerie expectant build. Lots of nice flourishes.

  • Artifex


    · 1y

    Synths sound nice and thick, cool rhythm and bass!

  • RepostExchange

    Your Resonance has entered the @re-ex Underground chart at n…

  • Black Ether

    best track I heard today. comes from left of center and real…


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