Biggest Monkey In The Tree. (Keitonie-killingbeck)

Biggest Monkey In The Tree. (Keitonie-killingbeck)


Another one with that fine electrical guitarist Mr Keitonie. Keitonie has a track on his site.....Funky Blues... I put a song to it, sent it back and he laid some wild and appropriate lead to it. It's worth a listen.


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  • markjbennett

    So good to hear your voice and words sitting so comfortably …

  • Amanda Kim Sanderson
    Amanda Kim Sanderson 

    Great songwriting, guitar, bass and vocal delivery!

  • The Son Of Angela Davis
    The Son Of Angela Davis 

    Genius👍🏿, great lyrics, love the guitar and punkfunking ba…

  • textosh

    Simply cool in every way!!


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