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  • Brambient

    Very well made piece Stan. I love the phrasing and sadness t…

  • SOSA


    · 8y

    so chilled. makes me want to learn the guitar

  • Meester B

    he, deze had je voor die trailer gebruikt toch?

  • Meester B

    mooi gelukt Stan! zeer sfeervol as always <3

  • Pianissimo

    Beautiful guitar!

  • Milana Zilnik

    Milana Zilnik

    Verified badge· 9y

    Ethereal beauty, Stan!

  • Elias Luukkanen

    Really good guitar melody! Good job Stan!

  • Leif Ka

    Leif Ka

    · 9y

    Beautiful piece.

  • Stan Leonard

    @fred-naa: thanks for listening!