SWNCBC - Episode 3: Lords of the Sith

SWNCBC - Episode 3: Lords of the Sith


The boys return to talk about their newest pick, Lords of the Sith. Not only do they discover Alex hates what they've done to the Emperor, but Jesse finds he now LOVES the jedi lore. Davis digs Moff Mors, and they talk t…

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  • Sean O'Rourke
    Sean O'Rourke 

    absolutely mad to say Temple of Doom is the best

  • RetGsfdg

    Palpatine is like Sauron from the Sillmarillion, before he w…

  • apastle96

    Many Sith can use Force Lightning though. You should know th…

  • Lawrence Williams
    Lawrence Williams 

    Yea everyone hated the 'Snips' name but a tone of us love Ah…


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