• Sean O'Rourke
    Sean O'Rourke 

    absolutely mad to say Temple of Doom is the best

  • RetGsfdg

    Palpatine is like Sauron from the Sillmarillion, before he w…

  • apastle96

    Many Sith can use Force Lightning though. You should know th…

  • Lawrence Williams
    Lawrence Williams 

    Yea everyone hated the 'Snips' name but a tone of us love Ah…

  • Android

    Little odd that Alex specified "in his bedroom"

  • LilFlame2001

    Midi-chlorians were always Lucas's original Idea for the for…

  • Paulo Roberto S F
    Paulo Roberto S F 

    The Senate part of the story has Padme delaying Palpatine's …

  • El Bearsidente
    El Bearsidente 

    The power of force boner is stronger than the dark side.

  • El Bearsidente
    El Bearsidente 

    Dark Side inside jokes go!

  • Be the Bee
    Be the Bee 

    oh fine ill reD THE Dng book