Alrighty Aphrodite

Alrighty Aphrodite

stephen fierce

just take a giant shot, just take a shot of juice
we built a big robot, we gave it a caboose
you wanna be my friend, come bail me out of jail
you'll wanna hear the end, i've got a tale to tell

there was a mystic man
he …

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  • Michael D
    Michael D 

    Brillian, oh Fierce One!

  • Vince Wylie
    Vince Wylie 

    so originallllllllllllllllllllll!!! ha ha why did'nt i check…

  • Jim Manser
    Jim Manser 

    Quality songwriting the lyrics and the arrangemen…

  • ZBM Recordings
    ZBM Recordings 

    Brilliant work my friend


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