I love your acoustic sound even more and would suggest that …

  • 8000 Miles
    8000 Miles 

    Love the rolling drive in this one. Beautiful playing and vo…

  • IBC CV Remixes
    IBC CV Remixes 

    Great job man , i love it chords!

  • Pat.E

    Great songwriting and superb production.

  • Bengt Erik Roth User 188944807
    Bengt Erik Roth User 188944807 

    Great song! Lovely guitar work!

  • noel herrity
    noel herrity 

    Really super sound and great musicianship

  • David S McCormack
    David S McCormack 

    very good - enjoyed this - nice playing !

  • Nicky

    beautiful work as always, gentlemen! i love the intimate noi…

  • Francesco Liccari
    Francesco Liccari 

    Very nice track! Loved the arrangement, keep it up!

  • Stoners and Loners
    Stoners and Loners 

    Because of the guitar and drum work, this is kinda mellow an…