100 - PoWeR TRiP

100 - PoWeR TRiP


* I do not feel anything towards you.
* Your eyes are hollow and your words are nothing but an imitation of life.
* You shall burn in the depths of hell, sinner.
Thumbnail by @kasssm
Oh it's not a Megalo? PASS!! WHERE…

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  • user08


    · 1d

    Also just realized both major genocide fights (undying and s…

  • Ice Baron

    I know this fight is supposed to be serious but Asgore's out…

  • gloopert.

    "heard you been talking shit" "pull up outside rn bro"

  • ⭐️Rainier⭐️

    POWERTRIP this, PoWeR TRiP that, when's SToReD PoWeR coming …


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