regret to inform [+ sunshowers]

regret to inform [+ sunshowers]

« tacoreyun »

last day of school Today lol

if i have to say it again
then it wont be as funny
if this horse never breaks
than ill have lost all my money
if i have to tell you again
then it wont be as lovely
if i am wr…

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  • kyoto


    · 11mo

    Not bad I feel like you need to improve your sing but I thin…

  • Only1Esko


    · 11mo

    I’m lovin the Rick vibes in this

  • Ap Da K

    Ap Da K

    · 11mo

    Nice song follow me for a follow back🔥🔥

  • YungX BallAirNem

    the vibes this gives JW type shit dumn🍻🔥


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