• Salisbury Fox
    Salisbury Fox 

    your voice is so good and soft. When you covered it, I was l…

  • H0W1Y

    Your voice is so good!

  • Christina Campbell
    Christina Campbell 

    You go boy!!!! 😇

  • Lázaro Villalobos
    Lázaro Villalobos 

    I love this song ;w;

  • Xilo the Fox
    Xilo the Fox 

    ooh, nice touch adding Muse's "starlight" here

  • DingoDog

    Holy @#$% This totally fits you great choice of music this i…

  • FrostyMusic

    get it... will set FUR you?! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • that “gaming” wolf
    that “gaming” wolf 

    you should post this song on youtube

  • Leo “Luke” Wolf
    Leo “Luke” Wolf 

    You rock this world, keep it up ^-^

  • Cloudy Paw
    Cloudy Paw 

    Your singing is gorgeous Duke! Keep it up and live to your d…